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Join as a voice actor and capitalize on the growing demand for AI-generated voice overs. Monetize your voice, reach a wider audience, and generate passive income with our cutting-edge AI platform. Voiceover enables you to create automation stores driven by your AI voice.

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How to Join?

Create your AI powered Voiceover store in just 3 simple steps and start earning passive income.

Create Your Profile

Sign up for a free account on and set up AI Powered Voiceover store.


Follow the onscreen instructions and record your voice for out AI technology to create you custom AI-generated voice.

Go Live

Generate unique link for your store, share it online and start earning.

Dedicated Public Profile

Your store comes with a dedicated public profile which can be personlized to showcase your bio, a preview of your AI-generated voice and an "Order Now" function for your clients to generate voiceover using your AI-generated voice. Simply share the link on your social channels and marketing materials, driving potential clients directly to your unique profile.

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“I was initially skeptical about AI-generated voice overs, but has given me the opportunity to reach new clients and earn passive income. It's an exciting new dimension to my voice acting career!" - Voice Actor
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How voiceover store works

Upon creation of your store , you will receive a unique link to share with potential clients. Here's a breakdown of the ordering process:


Script Input

Client inputs the script they want to be recorded as a voiceover in your AI-generated voice.


Preview Generation

After the script input, the system generates a preview of the voiceover, which is approximately 10-15 seconds long. The client can listen to the preview and evaluate if it meets their expectations.


Payment Stage

If the preview meets the client's expectations, they can proceed to the payment stage. The system provides an instant quote for the voiceover service based on the specified rates, and the client can make a secure online payment to confirm their order.


Rapid Voiceover Production

Once the payment is confirmed, the AI engine rapidly produces the complete voiceover based on the client's script. The voiceover is generated within a 10-minute window, ensuring a quick turnaround time.


Quick Delivery

The streamlined process allows clients to have quick access to voiceovers. They can get their voiceover delivered within a short timeframe, allowing them to use the recorded voiceover for their projects without delay.

Why Store?

Embrace technological advancements.

AI is not a threat to your career; rather, it is a valuable tool that fosters business growth. By integrating artificial intelligence into your voiceover enterprise, you can harness its potential to expand and thrive in an ever-evolving industry.

Maintain control over your voice.

As AI technology advances, the potential for unauthorized voice cloning and misuse increases. Retain authority over your vocal assets and ensure their legitimate utilization with AI.

Experience true automation.

Conventional voice cloning tools still require manual input for each speech generation. However, the store eliminates this need, providing you with a truly automated solution. Enjoy running your business without constant involvement in daily tasks, allowing you to allocate your time and energy to other aspects of your enterprise.

Prioritize client acquisition.

With your store taking care of operations, you can shift your focus to implementing effective marketing strategies to attract new clients. Our AI efficiently manages the rest of the process.

Unlimited potential awaits.

Say goodbye to time-consuming work queues. Your fully automated store streamlines the voiceover process, delivering top-quality results to clients in mere minutes rather than days. Simultaneously cater to hundreds of clients with ease and efficiency.

Reliability during unforeseen circumstances.

In the event that you are unable to speak or are feeling unwell, your AI-powered voiceover store remains fully operational. Simply share the link, and your voiceover business continues to function without interruption.

Determine your pricing.

You have full autonomy over your voice's value. Establish your desired rate per character and allow AI to handle the rest.

Revenue Sharing

We value our voice actors and offer a competitive revenue share model. You will receive 70% of the sales generated from your AI-generated voice, while the remaining 30% covers platform costs. This model allows you to earn passive income while maintaining your traditional voice-over work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does joining affect my traditional voice-over work?

Joining does not restrict your ability to continue your traditional voice-over work. Our platform serves as an additional revenue stream, allowing you to earn passive income from your AI-generated voice while you focus on other projects.

Will the AI-generated voice replace my unique voice acting skills?

While AI-generated voices have become more sophisticated, they cannot fully replicate the creativity, versatility, and emotional depth of human voice actors. aims to complement your voice-over work, providing clients with a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative for specific projects that do not require the full range of human voice-acting skills.

How often do I need to update my voice sample at

The initial 5-minute voice recording is typically sufficient for our AI technology to create your AI-generated voice. However, you may choose to update your voice sample periodically to ensure the AI-generated voice stays up-to-date and accurate.

Are there any legal or copyright concerns related to my AI-generated voice? has a comprehensive Terms of Service agreement in place to protect both the platform and our voice actors. By joining our platform and providing your voice sample, you agree to the terms regarding the use of your AI-generated voice. We recommend reviewing the Terms of Service to ensure you understand the rights and responsibilities associated with using our platform. In case if you find any instance of abuse, email us directly at explaining in depth the situation.